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  Blog #6 - Pete

Starchild by Kelsey



Hypermedia Technology 30 Art Gallery Blog
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This lesson was part of a CTS module (INF3200_Internet_Services) 
as a way to teach my Hypermedia students how to create, use and 
maintain their own blog using a common service such as  Students were asked to set up their blog with five 
postings.  Post #1 is a biography post and posts 2, 3, 4 and 5 are 
used to show off a piece of work that was done in our course.  
Students were then asked to visit all of the other blogs and offer 
"artistic feedback" on two of the four posts they found in each 
blog.  It was a huge success and one unplanned benefit that came 
of this activity is the boost to each person's creative esteem!
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