Sunday, January 30, 2005


I'm Impressed!

Hi, Dive Blog 2004-05!

Your drawings and animations absolutely blew me away! Because the books are mine, and I created the famous Clarence the shark, it's even more exciting for me to see what you've done with my work. Congratulations, all!

Gordon Korman

Friday, December 10, 2004


Welcome and Stay Tuned!

[This message was originally posted on November 26th. I moved it to the top of the list by changing the date. This way, a visitor doesn't have to scroll to the bottom to learn about this project.]
Welcome to the Dive! Trilogy Blog. The students of Academy at King Edward and of Jasper Place High School are about to embark on a telecollaborative adventure!

The grade nine students from King Edward have been reading Gordon Korman's Dive trilogy as part of their studies. In addition to several reading and writing activities, the students used a basic computer paint application to paint their favourite scenes from the book.

The drawings will be sent to the grade 10 Hypermedia students at Jasper Place High School where they will dissect the drawings and animate them using Macromedia's Flash application.

This blog will be a tool of communication and collaboration for the two groups of students until they get a chance to meet face to face on Wednesday, January 19th, 2005. The animations will be unveiled at the face-to-face meeting!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Let the collaboration and animation begin!

Thanks to the grade 9's at Academy at King Edward who got their drawings in. Each drawing has been assigned to one or two Jasper Place grade 10 hypermedia students.

Here's what happens now:


The Project is Complete!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard over the last month to plan and make the drawings and their corresponding animations! I'll upload the animations on Wednesday January 19th, in time for our two groups to meet face to face here at Jasper Place High.

(That means if you click an animation link before then, you'll get a NOT FOUND error...)


Tosanna (KE) Jamie (JP4)


Click here to see Jamie's animation!

Steen (KE) Shawn (JP2) Andrew (JP2)


Click here to see Shawn's animation and
click here to see Drew's animation!

Aileen (KE) Michael (JP4)


Click here to see Michael's animation!

Zac (KE) Devin (JP2) Roman (JP4)


Click here to see Devin's animation and
click here to see Roman's animation!

Travis (KE) Kristina (JP1) Colin (JP2)


Click here to see Kristina's animation and
click here to see Colin's animation!

Sheldon (KE) Colton (JP1) Kirbie (JP2)


Click here to see Colton's animation!

Titus (KE) Brett (JP1) Nanook (JP2)


Click here to see Brett's animation and
click here to see Nanook's animation!

Lindsay (KE) Brad (JP2) Jamie (JP4)


Click here to see Brad's animation!

Ryan (KE) Mitchell (JP1) Chris (JP2)


Click here to see Mitchell's animation and
click here to see Chris' animation!

Sarah (KE) Kelsey (JP2) Emily (JP4)


Click here to see Kelsey's animation and
click here to see Emily's animation!

Quinn (KE) Ian (JP1) Josh (JP2)


Click here to see Josh's animation!

Mike2 (KE) Jyoti (JP2) Victor (JP4)


Click here to see Victor's animation!

Mike1 (KE) Kirstin (JP4) Hylie (JP1)


Click here to see Kirstin's animation and
click here to see Hylie's animation!

Mickey (KE) Tigra-Lee (JP1) Jason (JP2)


Click here to see Tigra-Lee's animation and
click here to see Jason's animation!

Mark (KE) Evan (JP2) Daniel (JP4)


Click here to see Evan's animation!

Liam (KE) Mike (JP1) Phillip (JP4)


Click here to see Phillip's animation!

Kelly (KE) Travis (JP1) Denis (JP2)


Click here to see Travis' animation and
click here to see Denis' animation!

Jordan (KE) Vinay (JP4) Christine (JP1)


Click here to see Vinay's animation and
click here to see Christine's animation!

Kathryn (KE) Kyle (JP2) Ivan (JP4)


Click here to see Kyle's animation and
click here to see Ivan's animation!

Jesse (KE) Zac (JP2)


Click here to see Zac's animation!

Jeremy (KE) James (JP2) Eric (JP4)


Click here to see James' animation and
click here to see Eric's animation!

Jackson (KE) Jessica (JP4) Bronson (JP1)


Click here to see Jessica's animation and
click here to see Bronson's animation!

Zoe (KE) James (JP1) Jeff (JP2)


Click here to see James' animation and
click here to see Jeff's animation!

Curtis (KE) Gabe (JP1) Sodany (JP2)


Click here to see Gabe's animation and
click here to see Sodany's animation!

Ciara (KE) Adam (JP1)


Click here to see Adam's animation

Caleb (KE) Braden (JP1) Cam (JP2)


Click here to see Braden's animation and
click here to see Cam's animation!

Brent (KE) Michael (JP2) Natasha (JP4)


Click here to see Tasha''s animation!

Alysha (KE) Matthew (JP4) Veronica (JP1)


Click here to see Matthew's animation and
click here to see Veronica's animation!

Alex (KE) Cam (JP1) Brian (JP2)

Drawing by Alex (KE):

Click here to see Cam's animation and
click here to see Brian's animation!

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